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Saturday, January 30, 2010


" I have always loved pasta but this is one of my favorite. My former boyfriend made one for me years ago and gave me a copy of his recipe, I tried it but I failed, his was a little complicated so I decided to modify it myself. With the help of my taste bud, I succeded in making my own version....and so far people loved it and was asking for my secret recipe. There may really be SECRET recipe, but to me the secret really lies in you. Just put your love and dedication to what your doing. THAT,  gives command to your hands that ends up with good result. You have to put your heart into it. That's what I do. People love my food because I put not just my touch but also my heart when I do it".

To all my friends......this is for you.

To my former bf......try my simple yummy version.


1/2 kilo          Pasta (penne, fettucini, bowtie, etc.)( you can use any pasta you want )
1    big can     Evaporated Milk
1    big can     Nestle Cream
  or mid size    Whipping Cream
1/4  kilo          Ground Beef
                       Ham, bacon ( optional )
1     can          Sliced Mushroom
1/2                  Red Onion
1     tbsp         Minced Garlic
2     tbsp         Butter
                       Grated Cheese (cheddar, parmesan, american cheese)
                       Thyme  (on bottle)
       pinch        Salt
       pinch        Ground Pepper
                       Msg  ( optional )

Cook pasta al dente, drain and set aside.

for white sauce:

Heat pan. Saute' onion and garlic on butter. Add meat and simmer a little, then add salt and pepper. Cover and simmer for few minutes. Do not overcook the meat, make sure there's still meat juice on it. Add cream, mix well then add milk. Simmer for like 1-2 minutes.Ready to serve.

option 1: According to guests' taste
Put some pasta on your plate, pour white sauce. Serve with grated cheese and thyme. Let guests sprinkle cheese and herb according to their taste.

option 2: According to cook's taste. This is hassle free. Ready to eat.
While the white sauce is simmering, drop like 6 - 8 slices of american cheese, or grated cheese ( depending on your tatse ) until it's melted and blended with the sauce, sprinkle thyme ( also according to your taste ). Serve hot. Ready to eat.


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