"Here you can find familiar or common dishes in wich I am sure some of it you have already done and tried before or probably one of your favorites, but it's ok because I made this site to share to you my own version plus my favorites. Here, we do it my way".

Enjoy the Kata's Way!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


1.1 lbs.    Ground Pork
1    lbs.    Chopped Raw Shrimps
3-4 tbsp  Kikkoman Soy Sauce
1    C.      Shredded Carrots
1    C.      Chopped Scallops
1    tsp.     Salt & pepper
1               Egg
2    tbsp.   Sesame Oil

                 Gauza Wrappers
                 Bamboo Steamer


Combine the first 8 ingredients and mix well.

Scoop 1 tbsp of mixture to each of the wrappers and close (leaving top open)

Use water to seal the sides of the wrapped mixture

Arrange in the steamer ( I use Bamboo Steamer)

Steam in 30 minutes over medium heat.

Serve with spicy soysauce. Enjoy!

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