"Here you can find familiar or common dishes in wich I am sure some of it you have already done and tried before or probably one of your favorites, but it's ok because I made this site to share to you my own version plus my favorites. Here, we do it my way".

Enjoy the Kata's Way!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Tinolang Manok

1     lb.          chicken, cut into portions ( can also use chicken liver )
1     tbsp.      garlic, minced
1/2               onion, diced
2     tbsp.      ginger, crushed ( the more ginger the better )
1     stalk       lemon grass, folded
                     msg ( optional )
                     cooking oil
3      cups      water


Heat oil in a pan. Saute onion, garlic and ginger. Add chicken, mix, cover and simmer. Wait until chicken turns brownish. Add water, mix. Add salt and msg. according to your taste. Simmer for view minutes. Serve.


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